Kamplex hearing instruments feature advanced technology for greater audibility and listening comfort. The Kamplex brand has a long heritage in audiology. It is strongly supported both clinically and technically.

Wide Fitting Range

To meet the majority of your patients’ needs

Kamplex hearing aids are quiet enough for a mild hearing loss yet powerful enough to fit severe losses. The simplification in choice makes audiology clinics more efficient and economical to run.

Tri-Mode Reach (Dynamic Contrast Detection)

To improve comfort in group conversations

Analysing the acoustic scene allows for the independent rapid switching in response to competing speech patterns. This allows seamless normalisation between a nearby and further away speaker and improves comfort in group conversations.

Improves listening comfort in complex listening environments, containing louder and softer speech.

Layered Noise Reduction

For speech clarity

The first layer removes noise between speech syllables. A second layer treats environmental background noise, such as busy roads or the wind. The final layer reacts in frequency regions with the onset of speech energy. The seamless blending of the layered processes is completely undetectable to the wearer and does not provoke any sudden loudness-change.

The 3 layers combined provide a speech-intact noise reduction for improved comfort and decreased listening fatigue. Different programmes can be set with optional levels of the composition of speech clarity and noise comfort.

Adaptive Directional

(K940D only)

Automatically adapts the microphones from an omni-mode to a selected polar pattern. Three optional adaptive directional polar patterns and a configurable threshold are available. Kamplex KITE uses the ear’s natural directionality instead.

Active Telecoil

(K940D only)

Having an active rather than passive telecoil reduces circuit noise and improves the audibility of transmitted speech.

Adaptive Feedback Cancellation

For greater listening experience

Attaches a phase marker to the signal, as opposed to adding artificial frequencies. The Reliant™ AFC is resistant to entrainment, producing a more stable gain close to the feedback limit and making music listening comfortable.

Voice Prompts

For improved usability (K940D only)

Improves the wearer’s experience by verbally confirming the programme and volume changes. The audiologist may load user-specific custom prompts; e.g. where language or voice familiarity is of benefit.

Air-Tap Gesture Control

For easy controlling (KITE only)

Enables the operation of a tiny hearing device such as Kamplex KITE. The wearer simply double-taps their ear to change the programme. Up to 4 pre-set programmes available for different environments and/or different volume settings.

Auto-Save Settings

For simplicity

An option to automatically store volume control and programme when the hearing aid is switched off.

Indispensable feature to wearers with limited dexterity or those who prefer simplicity.

Data Logging

For more accurate fine-tuning

Records time of programmes use (percentage and hours), the environment levels per programme, volume settings and battery use.

Enables fine-tuning the hearing instrument to the wearer’s preferences or identify further opportunities of the hearing aid.

Fitting Software

For reliable first fit

K-Fit fitting software delivers a smooth workflow with maximal flexibility. An accurate first fit with reduced need for fine-tuning assures a high level of patient satisfaction.