Kamplex Hearing Aids. The Experts in Hearing Technologies

The Kamplex instruments and hearing aids from PC Werth comprise a range of audiology instruments and hearing devices, perfectly suited to meet individual needs of every audiologist and ENT professional. The Kamplex full range contains comprehensive audiometry, tympanometry and fitting verification instruments together with a range of easy to adjust hearing aids at affordable price.

Kamplex hearing aids are available in both behind the ear (K940D and K200D) and in the ear models. Kamplex BTE hearing aids can be fitted with either a slim tube (for open fittings) or classic ear hook and a choice of traditional earmould styles. They are available in up to five different colours to suite a patient’s preference. The KITe ITE hearing aid is as small as an ear tip and sits in the outer portion of the ear canal making it almost invisible.

Kamplex hearing aids are easy to fit and adjust. K940D is quiet enough to fit mild losses, yet powerful enough for severe. The K200D is a cost effective, reliable solution for mild to moderate hearing loss. The ITE Kite is a good value, easy to wear solution for mild to moderate hearing loss.