What Can Kamplex Hearing Aids Do for You

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The Kamplex hearing aid detects the person speaking in front of the wearer and automatically configures the microphones to focus in this direction, whilst slightly reducing environmental sounds coming from other directions. This helps improve wearer comfort in noisier situations.

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Noisy places such as a bustling supermarket, a restaurant or a windy road side can be challenging environments for hearing aid users. The advanced layered noise reduction feature maintains comfort while lifting speech out of the noisy environment.

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When encountering a broader sound experience, the wearer may choose from multiple programmes. A dedicated music programme can be offered to improve users enjoyment and comfort. The active telecoil may also be selected giving clearer, more direct listening experience.

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After a long day, the wearer may want to relax in front of the TV. The Tri-Mode Reach feature takes care of the varying sound levels, such as the difference in loudness between the TV and the person sitting close by. The hearing aid will rapidly adjust to and reduce sudden loud sounds from the TV programme. This allows comfortable conversation with family members whilst enjoying a move together.

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The Kamplex instruments reduce the need for repeated visits to the audiologist. However, if there is a need of a follow-up, the hearing aid will conveniently record the wearer’s patterns and preferences. This improves the success of any fine-tuning.

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