Kamplex Complete Family of Just Two Hearing Aids

The broadest fitting range to benefit your patients. Completely

PC Werth are pleased to announce an extension to the Kamplex Family of Hearing Aids. Introducing K940D with its wide fitting range, the family becomes complete for the majority of your patients.

K940D is quiet enough to fit mild losses, yet powerful enough for severe ones. Available in choice of five colours and fitted either with an ear hook or thin tube. The user-friendly instant-fit KITE with Air-Tap gesture control serves patients with reduced tactile and dexterity, enabling independent living.

Kamplex Complete Family of Hearing Aids is fully supported by an intuitive fitting software and our dedicated customer support team.

With best-in-class first fit, Kamplex Hearing Instruments reduce the number of follow-up visits, assuring a high level of patient satisfaction.

The simplification of choice offered by Kamplex will serve the economy of every audiology department.

Kamplex. Complete.

laughing elderly couple running Kamplex

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