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In recent years, schools and governing bodies of education institutions have become more concerned with the issue of inclusion in the classroom.


Voice optimised classroom audio systems – often called Soundfield systems –  not only permit students to hear and understand their teachers with greater clarity, but some also allow classes to be linked and flipped, empowering students to channel deeper learning. Whether you are working with SEN students, or in main stream education, Soundfield systems support teachers and promote greater inclusion of students.


Last month, PC Werth’s premium classroom audio system, JUNO, received yet another accolade. The Technology & Innovation Awards (organised in association with LEGO® Education), rated JUNO “commended” alongside some of the world’s leading classroom technologies.

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Helen Mulley, Teach Secondary Editor, provided commentary on the awards: “It was important for us to give people the chance to nominate inspiring individuals as well as great technical developments. Brilliant innovations are only truly effective in the hands of outstanding teachers – and we need both if we’re going to ensure students are getting the education they need and deserve for the 21st century”.


The awards were selected by a high profile panel of education experts, including Vic Goddard (featured on Channel 4’s Educating Essex), Fiona Millar (Guardian journalist and co-founder of the Local Schools Network), Lydia Beaton (global head of the James Dyson Foundation), Gareth Boldsworth (European Sales and Marketing manager for LEGO® Education) and Ollie Bray (Naace).


JUNO Improves the Learning Environment and Provides Many Learning Directed Benefits


  • Integrates all sources of sound in the classT&I award logo
  • Defeats disruptive background noise
  • Amplifies and clarifies teacher’s voices
  • Helps student engagement and interaction
  • Provides support to SEN & hearing impaired students
  • Ensures that absent students can catch up and get up to date
  • Reduces work revision time
  • Assists note sharing and enables distance learning
  • Helps students revisit and reinforce key points
  • Allows the inclusion of multimedia in lessons
  • Enables teachers to introduce flipped and blended learning concepts into their teaching gradually and at their own pace
  • Versatile application: Not only is Juno available for mainstream teaching; it can also be used for special education, business, primary education, secondary education and higher education


Sound For Schools, the education division of PC Werth, is proud to offer Juno to those wanting to move their classes into the modern era with maximum benefit, minimum disruption and sensible cost!


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