It’s Nice To be Appreciated

One of our larger customers took the time to thank the PC Werth team this week. Lots of respect in return to see how even one of the busiest companies found the time to let us know what is going on.


Good Afternoon,

We’ve just had a big box full of goodies arrive for our Department and they actually commented on how quick and reliable the orders have been coming through for them, even despite the amount/volume on order. As it happens, your name also got mentioned so I thought I’d pass the praise on.

Hope it’s all going good.

Best Regards.


Praise where praise is due, this email is the result of hard work from all our team and from the customer, working together to create (and deliver) better value and service.

PC Werth can transform the logistics for your organisation – any of the emails will do:,

Or call the team 020 8772 2700.

Meanwhile, there are more customer comments here



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