Is Ground Handling the Most Dangerous Occupation There Is?

Ok, so we are not talking front line stuff here, but when it comes to avoidable hazards, seeing ground staff without hearing protection really gets my goat.

I’m sitting on the tarmac at a “London” airport and – for the third time in as many weeks- I have just passed a team of ground crew working near running jet engines without wearing any hearing protection.

The cochlear implant specialist on my right agrees that they are working in 95dB plus. I hasten to add that their shift boss was with them and similarly “naked”.

It’s so easy to be safe!


Frustrated of Clapham


One thought on “Is Ground Handling the Most Dangerous Occupation There Is?

  1. Having been a member of Airside cround crew in a past life I became all to aware of the levels of noise. From leaving a shift with ringing in my ears and trying to talk to the guys who have been there for years who, I now know, are suffering from Noise Induced Hearing Loss. While hearing protection was available, the quality was never that great. I am still in contact with some of the guys I used to work with and am actively encouraging them to look into custom hearing protection and also to remind the bosses that its cheaper to supply the protection than it is to get sued.

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