IPRO: Practice Management Solution that Builds Long-term, More Profitable Relationships & Not a Cloud in Sight

IPRO…the mighty patient management tool from PC Werth!

IPRO business management system is a must-see for any audiology business owner seeking better productivity, marketing and overall business management.

A unique solution to practice management, IPRO is server-based and modular. This means IPRO develops with your business and has the capabilities you want with the simplicity of use you need, making it distinctively user-friendly. Avoiding data storage in “The Cloud” also means that with IPRO, you retain data-control on your own server, giving security, but with powerful branch networking from one database and full functionality Worldwide (even offline), making administrative ‘time-wasting’ a thing of the past!

One click smoothly brings up a patient’s medical and purchase history on a single screen and recommends select products, service and information to help you identify and target the needs of individual clients.

Because encouraging customer loyalty is easier and cheaper than finding new prospects, the ‘follow-up’ concept is integral to the IPRO system’s design. Value is added with scheduled appointments, visits and reduced sales intervals by offering family, company and personal customer clubcards with the new Club-management module.

The optimised reminder scheme means bookings and reminders can be sent out without fail and tailored effectively, by categorisation, to specific clientele.

“The package is modular so I could buy the modules I wanted at the time and then build and develop my system by purchasing additional modules as I required them.”Lynne Leeming, Hearing Aid Dispenser

IPRO is strong at integrating product pricelists and managing pricing. It creates operational reports, analyses sales figures, suggests future stock requirements and promotions.

Available to rent or buy from PC Werth, IPRO is the most scaleable and configurable system, designed to ensure your business is working for you.

Contact us to find out more, including our new R2O options!

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2 thoughts on “IPRO: Practice Management Solution that Builds Long-term, More Profitable Relationships & Not a Cloud in Sight

  1. Having used IPRO for 2 years now I mut say that it is not possible to put down on paper what IPRO can do – I tried and five and a half pages later I still hadn’t covered all it’s functions. What if you don’t want all these functions and you want something simple – that’s easy, you just buy what you want. IPRO has to be seen to be believed. It does everything it claims and more besides. If you’re considering a Practice Managment System then you have to request a demo which will give you an overview. Then just ask what else it can do and prepare to be amazed. So, what if you get stuck – simple – you have access to a telephone hotline which puts you right at the heart of IPRO’s English speaking customer service team. No problem is too small and all will be resolved quickly and efficiently. I cannot speak too highly of IPRO. I had high expectations and it has far exceeded them. Don’t just take my word for it – try it for yourself.

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