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Harley Street Hearing LogoHarley Street Hearing is one of the UK’s most respected aural health practices in the UK. Being located in London’s famed Harley Street, Harley Street Hearing has provided professional and sought after aural health advice and hearing aids for 27 years. They also specialise in musicians’ hearing services, having served members of the entertainment industry for over 25 years – including the Script, Zane Louw, Pete Townshend and Coldplay, amongst others. We asked Harley Street Hearing a few questions about the process of having earplugs fit:

What are impressions?

If you need any custom-made earplugs, you will need to come in for some impressions to be made of your ears so that the plugs are a perfect fit (your ear impressions are completely unique to you in the same way as your fingerprints).

Can I go to any doctor to have ear plugs fit?

Your hearing is precious so you should always ensure that you go to a fully qualified Hearing Health practitioner.  Here at Harley Street Hearing and Musicians Hearing Services, all our staff are fully trained and we are the recommended audiologists for all the major manufacturers for hearing protection and in-ear monitors.

Harley STreet Hearing Appointment

How long will it take?

Your appointment will take approximately 15 minutes and is completely painless.

What happens if I have wax in my ear? Will it affect the mould?

Just in case you have wax we always suggest using olive oil or softening drops in your ears a few days prior to your appointment, preferably twice a day, so that the wax is soft if it needs to be removed (if you have a build-up of wax your impression cannot be taken as it will not be a true imprint). We do offer a safe and effective wax removal service from our registered ear care practitioners.

What kind of ear plugs do you get?

Customised Hearing Protection comes in many forms:-

  • mPods – customised ear fittings that let you experience music at the next level, for use with all types of earphones.
  • Musicians ear plugs – so called because they are designed specifically for reducing the harmful effects of loud music, and are ideal for anyone going to clubs or festivals. These plugs help you hear the music with perfect clarity while restricting damaging noise levels.
  • Sleepfits – for anyone who works shifts or lives in a noisy environment, or has a noisy partner!
  • Swimming ear plugs (Wet bobs) – make swimming more comfortable without the cold water and uncomfortable pressure sensation from splashes.  Can also reduce the risk of water borne infections.
  • Shooting ear plugs – completely reactive hearing protection for those with regular exposure to firearms.  Ideal for sportsmen, police firearm officers and army personnel.
  • Industrial plugs for hearing safety at work
  • Motorcycling and motorsports plugs – cut out harmful noise to protect your ears under headgear.


What happens during the appointment?

First of all, one of our audiologists will carefully examine your ear and ear canal before putting a specialised silicone solution into each ear. The solution will set to produce the precise imprint of your ears’ size and shape.  The impression is carefully removed and sent to the laboratory and will be used to develop your individually crafted plugs.  This normally takes 7-10 days, although there is an express service if you need your plugs urgently.

Tell us about your work with the musicians that you have helped?

Musicians Hearing Services and Harley Street Hearing have been serving the entertainment industry for over 25 years and are passionate about hearing protection.  We have a close affiliation with the Musicians Union and provide testing and protection for the majority of the musical productions in London and the major cities in the UK.

harley Street Hearing with Peter Andre

Thank you to Harley Street Hearing for sharing information about the process of having custom ear plugs fitted. They are stockists of PERFECTfit ear plugs and will be able to help you with the specific type that you are looking to purchase.

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