International Noise Awareness Day, 30th April 2014

keep-calm-and-diminish-noise-1Taking care of one’s hearing is such a recognised health concern that 30th April 2014 has been named this year’s 19th Annual International Noise Awareness Day (INAD). The INAD was created by the American Centre for Hearing and Communication, which was founded in 1995.

Educating the public on noise and how it can jeopardise one’s quality of hearing is the main focus of International Noise Awareness Day. Public Health Departments, universities, schools, communities and experts will be joining together to help share information about the dangers of noise.

To prepare for International Noise Awareness Day, here is a list of easy tips that you can follow to decrease noise in the home:

  • Home Alarms – Alarms are created to be noisy, however, ensuring that those in the home do not set them off unnecessarily can help limit noise. Alarms need to be installed properly or fixed in a timely manner should any problems occur.
  • Renovations – Should you be renovating your home you will more than likely impact your neighbours with building sounds. Warn your neighbours that you will be busy renovating and only carry out the work during the middle of the day. Many people work from home these days so start with the less noisy jobs early in the day, and do noisy work during lunch time before students return from home.
  • Gardens – Should you install accessories and decorations in your garden, such as water features, it is advisable to do so away from your joint/neighbours wall. Fireworks are no longer allowed to be set off at home except on Guy Fawkes, Diwali, New Year’s Eve and the Chinese New Year. Please adhere to these regulations.
  • Instruments – Practising your musical instrument can be annoying to others who do not share your passion for the instrument or music. Ensure that you practice in a suitable venue and not in communal environments.
  • Pets – Some dogs can miss their owners terribly if they are away for extended periods of time. Cats are also well known for crying or fighting. Ensure there is a house sitter to keep your pets company and prevent incessant pet noise; alternatively, place your pets in a animal boarding facility whilst away.
  • Cars – Although many car lovers enjoy the sound of a deep, rich engine, most of the neighbourhood does not share the same enthusiasm. Be considerate about modifying your car or over revving the engine and causing noise pollution to others.

International Noise Awareness DayShould you live in a neighbourhood with neighbours that are not considerate towards your home and its surrounds, PERECTfit has a variety of ear plug options that will allow you to work in peace at home, sleep well or even protect your hearing should you like to do renovations yourself.

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