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Audioscan has incorporated the new ANSI RECD protocol in the Verifit2 and in our imminent release of software for the original Verifit, Axiom, and RM500SL.

What’s so important?

If RECD data is mixed between a Verifit2 and existing Audioscan equipment that has not been updated significant errors can result. This is of particular concern in the case of pediatric applications. Make sure you read our short Audioscan Expert Insight – The Implications of ANSI RECD

What does it mean to me?

  • RECD measured on Verifit2, then re-entered on Verifit2: NO ISSUE.
  • RECD measured on older system, then re-entered on Verifit2: NO ISSUE since the Verifit2 has built-in compatibility for older data.
  • RECD measured on Verifit2, then re-entered on Verifit/Axiom/RM500SL: software update is required on older system. When Verifit2 RECD data is shared with other Audioscan fitting systems, it is in the new ANSI HA-1 format. Other Audioscan systems must be updated to accept this data.
  • Customers using the Audioscan NOAH module should be updated to the latest version. This will ensure compatibility across systems and handle mixed data sources automatically.

Keeping your Audioscan software up to date, it’s so easy.

  • Audioscan have always made keeping your unit up to date as easy as possible and as the forerunners of all things verification they maintain this level of service and commitment by providing free software updates for the life of your unit.
  • Simply register at¬†and complete the online form, including serial numbers for your system
  • Once registered, you will be informed as soon as an update to your systems software is available.


Audioscan is taking several actions.

  • Notification inserted into every Verifit2 package
  • Notification inserted into every Axiom/SL package
  • Notification upon attempt to download from website


Whenever you update machines/NOAH make sure the versions are:

  • Verifit/SL – 3.10.50+
  • Axiom – 1.6.12+
  • NOAH – 2.2+

If you have ANY questions please contact us on

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