The importance of hearing protection from ‘the horses mouth’ – you!

It is all fine and good us telling you how damaging loud noise can be, and encouraging you to wear hearing protection when you go to gigs, but we recently came across a Reddit post which received a large number of comments on the subject.

The thread started off with a user saying this:

‘I just got back from a huge rock concert and I was the only one who seemed to be wearing ear plugs.

I’m also a musician, so I can vouch that wearing a tiny set of disposable ear plugs will make your concert experience much more enjoyable. The ear plugs block most of the highs and make the sound condensed into a much more balanced sound. Everything becomes much more clear, and you won’t leave the concert with that annoying ringing.’

We picked out 10 of the best responses (we are nice that way!) to save you reading through all 610 comments! Here is a compilation of some of the best to highlight how serious this is:

1. ‘This is a great tip. As a sound engineer I can’t stress this enough to musicians and concert goers.’

2. ‘Most at risk these days are young kids and teenagers (as well as adults) who are listening to music using earbud-style headphones. Often cheap stock ones that need to be turned up louder to be heard.’

3. ‘ALWAYS use hearing protection when going to concerts, when jamming with a band, or when using machinery/lawn equipment etc. reduce the time spent listening to music on headphones.’

4. ‘Don’t forget bars and nightclubs – they also tend to be far too loud. If the bar staff are wearing ear defenders, you should be too!’

5. ‘My cousin drums for Propagandhi and he can no longer hear a lot of high pitched sounds. When they were younger, none of them wore any ear protection and they definitely regret it now.’

6. ‘You can purchase custom-moulded earplugs that will attenuate sound across all frequencies relatively evenly (foam earrings won’t do this). A pretty good investment I think.’

7. ‘If you’re a musician or going to a lot of concerts, and willing to shell out some money, get a pair that’s customized to fit your ear. It’s really worth it. The sound is quite balanced, and they are comfortable to wear for extended periods.’

8. ‘As a guy with tinnitus, I can’t agree more… I go to EDM shows often and I’ve never been without my ear plugs! I’d go crazy if the ringing ever got worse.’

9. ‘When I got tinnitus I had never been to a concert, and was not much for listening to headphones. It can take one lound noise, or even medium level noise for a long time to get it.’

And saving the best for last…

10. ‘If the “save your hearing” part doesn’t appeal to you, please please PLEASE listen to the “everything sounds better” part… Seriously. Everything is CRYSTAL clear. Don’t believe me? Just try it once. Just once. The sound quality difference is INSANE.’

Why not get in touch with us today and get your custom moulded pair of earplugs TODAY! It is never too late to protect your hearing! If you are already suffering from the effects of tinnitus, this article has some holistic treatments which are said to ease the annoyance.


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