If You Like EasyTymp You Will Love MAICO's new Audiometers

An exclusive preview of a better looking audiometer

The technical team at MAICO have done it again and pulled out a style and functionality icon from their high quality, German hats.

Following on from the sublime EasyTymp tympanometer, PC Werth is taking delivery of the beautiful and smart MA41/42 audiometer range shortly. Apart from describing it like one of Fast Tony’s beautiful woman, what makes the MA41/42 range stand out?

      • Depth of range and a full feature set – the same chassis design and quality forms the backbone of the range from the MA41Light (robust performance at an attractive price), to the MA41 (top quality audiometry for dispensers) to the premium, 2 channel MA42 for more advanced diagnostic and clinical applications.
      • Stand alone operation: all 3 desktop units are stand alone for simplicity and also integrate with your PC if required.
      • Light and easy to carry – see above.
      • Ergonomics – the unique soft touch tone buttons and added features are discreet enough to use close to patients and add great control.
      • Clear colour screens – clear LCD screens make operation, review and analysis easy and accurate. 
      • Full calibration, backup and support from PC Werth.

Here are some sneak preview shots. Contact the sales team here, for more information and to bag a test with one of our first units.

The new MAICO desktop audiometer front New MAICO Desktop Audiometer Detail A
The new MAICO desktop audiometer front New MAICO Desktop Audiometer Detail B 
The new MAICO desktop audiometer controls New MAICO Desktop Audiometer Detail C
The new MAICO desktop audiometer functions New MAICO Desktop Audiometer Detail D


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