The ANL (Acceptable Noise Level) test by Frye is a simple test: it takes just 3 minutes to present test tones to a prospective hearing aid candidate.

With this simple test, dispensers and audiologists have an 85% accurate (Frye’s figures) indication of the candidate’s suitability for amplification. This means better expectation management and a realistic counselling session – based on evidence, not hearing aid sales blurb. And it also means potential for better satisfaction: patients who are suitable can benefit from aids and those who aren’t can be directed towards a more effective solution for them – possibly LACE or some lifestyle intervention, like amplified telephones or TV listeners.

Even better, ANL could be a route to increasing productivity: most audiologist spend a considerable amount of time (the 80:20 rule of dispensing?) working with a few difficult cases. If the indications are that these patients are not suitable candidates in the first place, this eventuality can be predicted and avoided, freeing up time to work on appropriate stragegies or with other patients who ARE suitable candidates.

The cost of putting this diagnostic wonder tool in your toolbox is £49.95. Buy it once, benefit from it forever and get it from pcwerthstore.

There are 2 supportive studies on ANL below and a guide to performing the test from the PC Werth site.

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