PERFECTfit Hocks Custom Ear Plugs

 PERFECTfit Hocks
PERFECTfit Hocks are great for those exposed to gun fire, reducing all sound to approximately speech level. Great for sportsmen, police firearms officers and army personnel.
Filter Options
Emerald Green Transparent
Candy Pink Transparent
Sky Blue Transparent
Purple Transparent
Marble Effect 2 colours max) Glitter
Laser Etching (10 characters max)
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Custom Moulded Hocks Filter Shooting Plugs are made to be worn continuously without discomfort. The wearer can carry on a normal conversation, while the background noise is filtered out to a greater extent. The Hocks filters convert sonic energy into thermal energy by means of compression acceleration. Sounds that exceed 80dB will not be able to pass through the filter. They are designed to reduce the intensity of sound waves, as the sound waves get stronger.
Sportsmen, police firearms officers and army personnel

    • 1 Pair of Custom Moulded Hocks Ear Plugs with Hocks filter
    • Carry Pouch
    • Care Leaflet
    • Ear Comfort Cream
    • Wax Pick
Medical Grade Silicone
Medically approved, helps to prevent skin irritation when in use.
Easy to Clean
It is important to keep your ear moulds clean to help prevent any damage.
High Quality Finish
With a wide range of finish options combined with excellent craftmanship we can offer some of the highest quality finished ear moulds in the industry.