Hawkins using Hocks Filters

Tim Hawkins – Welsh Junior Double Trap Shooting Champion

Custom Moulded Hocks Filter Shooting Plugs

Custom Moulded Hocks Filter Shooting Plugs are made to be worn continuously without discomfort. You can carry on a conversation without removing your hearing protection. Air and changes of air pressure that enter the user’s ear converts sonic energy into thermal energy by means of compression acceleration. The rise in temperature is so minute you will never notice it. When wearing your custom moulded Hocks Filters, you will still be able to hear, but the dangerous levels of sound can not possibly get through the filter. They are designed to reduce the intensity of sound waves, as the sound waves get stronger. The wearer can carry on a normal conversation, with a slight reduction of volume, while the background noise is filtered out to a greater extent.


Custom moulded fit
Fully hygienic and cleanable
Clear colour as standard
Tried and tested impact and noise reduction properties
1 year guarantee (filters and manufacturing defects)
SRP: From approx £110.00 per pair (note that this figure is indicative options and services may cost extra)


Material: comfortable medical grade silicone
Filter uses thermal technology to block out damaging sound
What is Included?

Shooting Plug with Hocks Filters

Custom Moulded Shooting Plugs (Clear)
Fitting and cleaning guides
Handy Carry Pouch
Wax cleaning pick


Choice of various colours