PERFECTfit: Hearing Protection and Care for all Environments

PERFECTfit prides itself on being able to provide aural protection for the majority of noisy environments.  From musicians playing in live arenas, to construction industry workers and to motorsport men and women, PERFECTfit aims to protect your aural health without compromising what you need to hear through the Noise Pro range.

All noise filters attenuate noise, however, it’s important to attenuate the right level of noise for your setting. Whilst aural safety is vital, many users also need to retain a certain degree of hearing and situational awareness. Attenuation occurs when the intensity of an energy source is decreased by a filter (E.g. water when under water, sunlight by tinted windows, etc.) and this is exactly what PERFECTfit aims to do with high levels of volume. By protecting the inner ear, PERFECTfit allows those who work in loud climates to preserve their hearing for much longer.

For classical musicians or musicians at home, PERFECTfit offers various levels of attenuation depending on your preferred level of protection. The world-famous ER Series offers a flat attenuation rate which means musicians can still hear clearly without losing quality of sound. There are three levels of attenuation that reduce decibel levels including: 9 decibels (dB), 15dB or 25dB, which have been tested and verified. ER9 is recommended for musicians in an acoustic environment, ER15 for musicians playing with a small amplified set up and ER25 for drummers and musicians in highly amplified backgrounds.

For musicians and sportsmen performing in large arena such as concerts, festivals or sporting events like motorsport, The PRO series offers more choice.  In motorsport there tends to be a lot of high pitched frequencies which can damage hearing. The PRO 20 was designed with these high pitches in mind and will protect drivers from wind, road noise and engine noise without compromising situation awareness. Other filters in the pro range attenuate at 10dB, 15dB, 17dB, 20dB, 26dB and 27dB, making it a highly versatile choice.


Construction sites are another area where it’s critical to protect hearing. Because of the various safety hazards on site being able to communicate with fellow workers or hear safely alerts is very important which is why PERFECTfit use DLO filters. The DLO H filter protects the inner ear from extra low frequencies and the DLO M filter is particularly effective against higher machine-type frequencies to offer extra protection. Each pair comes with custom moulded industrial hearing protection plugs, fitting and cleaning guides, wax pick and carry pouch. Extras include a lanyard, engraving and a choice of various silicone colours.

For those looking for general, cost effective protection the Solid plugs are a good all-round option. Some people who use weapons frequently like hunters, clay pigeon shooters and those going through gun training rely on the solid plugs to give maximum protection to diminish loud sounds of around 30dB.

And some users prefer to use double aural protection by wearing solid plugs under their over ear defenders. Because there are no filters in Solid plugs, they are not recommended for those who need to converse or maintain situational awareness.

PERFECTfit has a wide range of ear plugs with various levels of attenuation to ensure that your aural health is protected in which ever environment you need it most. Visit the PERFECTfit product range page to discover which products are available to best suit you.


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