“I have to say that since purchasing the Otosphere Symphony for our new office in Saffron Walden, I have found it to be an excellent unit. Very compact, fitting neatly on the side of my booth freeing up desk space, extremely user-friendly compared to other instruments I am using and has all the up to date tests on board which I use regularly. It can even be used as a portable clinical audiometer if required.My only minor issue is the auto test protocol which could be improved for more efficiency and ease of patient understanding.”

Chris Carr, Director and Audiologist at Hearing Healthcare Centre, Cambridge

“In the Highlands our internet can be unreliable and slow but the ability to run Strato off-line as required then synch it later, ensures we carry on working at all times. Initial set up was complicated but it has ensured that we have a unique fully integrated, fully customised and practical data management system. With both the Noah and patient data combined, Strato allows all staff to see all information as required which helps efficiency within the office.”

– Jo Farquhar, Director at Moray Hearing Services

“The KITE aids have been a very useful addition to what we can provide for patients. Particularly for patients with mild to high-frequency losses where slim tube fitting has been problematic in terms of comfort, and for those with very narrow canals. They have also proved to be a good choice for those with borderline losses who struggle in noise and tinnitus patients with borderline, mild losses.
They are suited for patients with good dexterity as the battery and battery drawer are small. The feedback we have received from all those we have fitted has been positive in terms of sound quality, comfort and cosmetics. We will continue to fit these as part of our range.”

– Kathryn Lewis, Head of Audiology at University Hospitals of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust