Graham Evans Uses PERFECTfit Hearing Protection!

Graham Evans is a World, Commonwealth, British, English & Welsh champion shooter. He was fitted with our PERFECTfit Safeshoot custom moulded hearing protection plugs. This is the story of his first weekend wearing them!
The Down The Line Krieghoff Classic was once again held at the Mid Wales shooting ground near Newtown, Powys on 23 – 26th May by kind permission of the Williams family and with the support of the numerous sponsors in attendance.
This event is always well run and very well attended as its a very popular event on the shooting calendar, the thought of winning such a prize and the kudos that this would bring is always on the shooters mind and everyone would be hoping that they would be on the top step of the podium at the end of the competition.
Mid Wales can be quite exposed especially on the outside layouts, the first two days suffered from a strong wind blowing across the layouts making birds hard to hit as they moved about in the wind, this was not the case on the Sat & Sunday as the weather could not have been better.
Day one is an open competition, day two is the lucky numbers shoot, these events give shooters the opportunity to win some really decent prize money and to get settled in before the main event on Sat & Sunday.
The high guns from Saturday and Sunday were to shoot off on an outside layout so that the spectators can get a birds eye view of the proceedings, the atmosphere is electric and everyone in the crowd are wishing that it was them in the final for the top prizes.
Both shooters were smoking targets with ease and it looked like it was going to be quite a long shoot off and this was the case as it went to round three before Richard Greenlaw became the 2013 winner, and Mathew Coward – Holley the runner up taking £1,500 as his prize.
To the victor the spoils, will Richard take the offer of the gun and a 5 year sponsorship package or will he take the £4,000 instead? Either way its a good pay day.
In 2009 I was the runner up so know what the pressure of a shoot off is like, did I win anything this year ?   Yes, I came 3rd in the veterans class shooting 99×100/295 on the Saturday and 100×100/296 on the Sunday so I am pleased with that result.
I was also pleased with the way my new PERFECTfit ear plugs protected my hearing, they did a great  job and were comfortable to wear.
Graham Evans.  World, Commonwealth, British, English & Welsh champion.
Do get in touch with us if you would like more information. Our PERFECTfit partners are located nationwide, and are able to advise you of the product to suit your needs. The impression taking process is quick and painless – and with our 4 day in house turnaround time you will have your very own pair of high quality hearing protection in next to no time!

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