Three “Ears” for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games!

commonwealth-games-logoWhile the sun has set on the FIFA World Cup, sporting events are in no short abundance. Next week kicks off the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games that sees 17 sports unite in 14 venues across the Scottish city.  Competitors from around the globe will be participating in various games and we know what will give those winners the edge – customized ear plugs.

Shooting EventThis year we have our eye on the shooting events which include clay target, full bore and pistol and small bore. Shooting requires concentration, paired with skill and calm nerves. In order for the world’s best to achieve these requirements, ear plugs for shooting are a MUST.  Not only will they allow for a quieter environment but they will also protect the sportsmen’s ear drums. The sound of gunfire can permanently damage your hearing – all professional sportsmen know this. This is why we recommend using ear plugs for shooting sports.

Swimming EventThe common wealth swimmers will also be rising, er, floating to the occasion. This year’s game will see the commonwealth triathletes swim 1500 meters, cycle 40 kilometers and run 10 kilometers. That is a lot of hard work, which also means a lot of concentration is required.

The aquatic divers will also be performing their elegant poses over 10 days, in the swimming and diving categories. As they elegantly position themselves to spring off the diving boards, peace and quiet is imperative to mastering their statuesque leaps.

These swimmers will have their swimming ear plugs in which will block out any distractions as they compete for first place. When the difference between taking a breath in this millisecond or the next can cause an athlete to win or lose an event, having deep concentration is vital.

And if you’re going out celebrating at the numerous festivals such as the Festival at the Fruit Market or watching the Queen’s Baton Relay, ensure you take your ear plugs with you. Acquiring tinnitus while trying to have a good time will not leave you with a great experience. For everyone participating in the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, best of luck! And remember, keep those ear drums protected.

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