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Refer a Colleague and get a FREE Comfort Audio system from PC Werth


PC Werth is running an exclusive 2015 Referral Scheme for all ToDs, SENCOs and Audiology Professionals.

Nothing counts as much as word of mouth and professional advice from a colleague. And if you LOVE our Comfort Audio system we are pretty sure you have already started bragging about it.

Wanting to show you our appreciation, we have had an idea we can reward you for your daily efforts. We INVITE YOU TO JOIN OUR 2015 REFERRAL SCHEME dedicated exclusively to all teachers of the deaf, special education co-ordinators and audiology professionals.

Comfort Audio Digisystem

So how does this referral scheme actually work?

For referring a fellow colleague who will make their first order with us on ComfortAudio, your department will recieve FREE Digisytem Set.

What is a Digisytem set?

A Digisystem set comprises DH10 (mic) and DM10 (receiver), or any agreed equivalent of that.

Is there any minimal order size?

Basically you will get the Digisystem set when someone orders 3 sets of Comfort Audio with PC Werth.

Is there limited number of referrals per referrer?

The good news is No. No one sends good ambassadors back home just because they are doing their job well. That is why we won’t be stopping you from having as many referrals as you please.

When does the offer expire?

The nature of things is impermanence. Especially good things tend to last shorter. That is why our offer lasts only while stocks last.

Who can take part in the scheme?

The offer is exclusive to ToDs, SENCOs and other healthcare professionals.

Offer limited to: schools, local authorities, audiology departments and other purchasing entities purchasing under the guidance of referrer.

Referral customers should advise details of the referrer.

For more details please contact Sales or give us a call on 020 8772 2714 and quote: Referral Scheme 2015



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