Put on another jumper and step away from the thermostat!

Yes, Winter is cracking her whip and the temperature is dropping toward a plummet, so it’s really no surprise that the topic of fuel efficiency once again comes to the forefront. But this year there’s a better way to make the savings beside insisting the family turn the shower off while soaping or ordering the kids to step away from the thermostat, put on another jumper and huddle like penguins!

Because PC Werth understand the vital importance of winter fuel efficiency, we’ve come up with a clever way to give you savings on your energy consumption- cost savings that is

We’re offering you a box of  Duracell Activeair hearing aid batteries at an absolute steal- Just £5 when you spend £100 or more online.

A Great Product that’s Perfect for Christmas!

Duracell Activair hearing aid batteries deliver clear benefits to both dispensers and their clients including:
– EasyTab makes changing batteries much easier to open, hold and install
– Unique protective packaging for best protection and simple storage
– Tried and trusted brand, recognised worldwide

– High and stable voltage level for long-term hearing
– Extensive product tests and technical support guarantee outstanding reliability
– Stainless steel battery compartment prevents corrosion
– Optimum performance under all conditions through triple sealing and PTFE film


Want it? Follow THIS LINK to our webstore Batteries and Tester page, put the Duracell Activeair hearing aid battery pack in your cart and continue shopping as usual. When you are ready and your 0rder values at least £100, simply head to the checkout and enter the following coupon code…

Coupon code: DURACELLPACK 

Your batteries will be reduced in price AND your whole order will be eligible for free delivery!


Offer end Nov 30th 2012 or while stocks last. Minimum spend £100 via the webstore. One coupon use per customer. T&Cs apply.


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