FrontRow Juno – The World’s Most Advanced Classroom Audio Solution


PC Werth unveiled Juno, the new classroom and educational audio system from FrontRow today at a special gathering of educational specialists in Manchester.

Juno is an amazing, voice controlled audio system designed specifically for education. Juno is more than just a Soundfield system:

  • Seamless integration with classroom active whiteboards and ICT suites
  • New design pendant microphones to reinforce teacher’s voices – all students can hear the lesson clearly (yes, even the ones right at the back!)
  • Able to add up to 4 student microphones to promote inclusion and pupil  engagement
  • SEN and Hearing Impaired friendly: Juno works with personal FM and communication systems.


For an overview of what this amazing system can do, click here

To understand a little more about lesson capture with FrontRow Juno, visit YouTube here

If you want to know more, contact or call 020 8772 2700




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