Free Swimseal with WetBobs Swimplugs

SwimSeal Protective EardropsSwimseal & Wetbobs

Swimming season has started (well, it has for the brave anyway), so we’ve bravely asked our Parent Company PC Werth for some SWIMSEAL  to go with all WetBobs ordered this month.

If you want to know more about Swimseal, then visit just4ears, where it is on sale (for future reference).

As far as you are concerned there is not much to do…..just order your WetBobs in the usual way.

And in case you are wondering if this isn’t a bit daft – do you really need a swimplug AND a hyper effective silicone-based in-ear water repellant? Well whilst Swimseal gives you a second line of defence, it will also be particularly effective for surfers and swimmers who may appreciate a vent in their swim plug…..

A theory is that the plug takes the crash of any wave and prevents the frequent cold ear wash, whilst Swimseal provides the barrier at the skin level.

Let us know what you think when you get yours – it is free after all!


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