FREE Portable PA with Premium Hall Systems

At PC Werth we have yet another Easter offer. Goes Little and Large, which basically means the Little one goes hand-in-hand with the Large one. How? Once you purchase the Large Premium Powerwave Hall System you will receive the Little Portable PA for Free. Isn’t it handy? And just to allure you even more; the value of the Little one is £395. You would not call that Little, would you!

However, you need to hurry up as the number of such-perfect-matches is limited! And you do not want to see the Large ones wandering off in their solitude. The world has already seen such giants in a place called Easter Island. Forgotten.


Hall system trolley mount

But why would you go for Powerwave Premium in the very first place?

At PC Werth we believe that proper communication transmitter is as as much important as the content itself. Why? Because we have been working with educational professionals, SENCOs and teachers of the deaf (ToDs) for couple of years and their message has been always crystal clear: “No matter how well prepared I am pupils won’t listen, not because they do not want to but because they cannot hear me properly”.

However, poor voice transmission is not only the SEN problem, but it comes down to the whole education environment. Again it is not only the result of inclusion policy (every child has a right to mainstream education), but also resulting from robust or rather poor (call it as you will) architectural solutions.

Almost every teacher has experienced this: hours of preparations, rehearsals, brilliant ideas with a pinch of wit (have not they always praised us for our repartee?) and finally the big assembly day comes. We stand up in front of our colleagues, governors, pupils and their parents. We start talking but only a few in the first rows would listen… We try to speak up restraining our larynx only to end up coughing, with a glass of water and sympathetic pat on a shoulder… Call it the “big halls” effect or every teacher nightmare.

So what can we do about that?

The Powerwave Premium Hall Amplification systems sounds like the right solution. It can be used in assembly halls, concert halls, PA halls,etc., literary everywhere where you want to deliver your message clearly and loudly to bigger audience. And this spring it comes especially handy as the Little one (Powerwave 30) follows.

I am OK with PA Powerwave system, but why should I choose the one from PC Werth?

Simply because at PC Werth we have more than 25 years’ experience in creating, installing and taking aftercare of the PA systems. Have we already mentioned that we build PA systems to your specification in London?


PowerWave 30

How does the Little and Large offer work?

  1. Order a Powerwave Premium Hall PA system before 30 June 2015 while stocks last (min system value £3,500 (ex VAT)).
  2. Quote: “Little and Large”.
  3. Receive a Powerwave 30 free with your order (value £395).


For more question drop us an email Sales or give us a call on 020 8772 2700


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