Frede Jensen – the New General Manager for PC Werth

General Manager for PC Werth

Frede Jensen, the new PC Werth General Manager, speaks about the changes in the hearing care market, the benefits it creates both for customers and providers, and the future of Kamplex hearing aids.


Frede Jensen started out as an Army Nurse before obtaining two engineering degrees. He entered the hearing health sector, initially in a Quality and Regulatory Affairs role at the then A&M Hearing, and became Operations Manager within the Siemens Audiology Group. He was then General Manager at SLE Ltd, then manufacturing newborn hearing screening, balance diagnostics and respiratory care equipment. He spent 2 years with Brunel University researching and developing high-frequency noise reduction algorithms for dental drill anxiety and autism hyper-sensitivity applications.

In the past 2 years, Frede has managed a public sector trading company procuring and installing assistive technologies for the NHS, including ‘virtual ward’, telemedicines and sensory equipment for supporting and monitoring patients discharged earlier from hospital and the elderly frail. Now at PC Werth, Frede in his new role of General Manager, adds to the already extensive pool of forward-thinking people and its long heritage of providing quality and value.

What will you focus on in your new role?

Our focus is on what provides lasting quality and value to customers. Overdriven sales, marketing and long inefficient distribution channels, are means for reaching and catching the customer. But, as activities, they have no lasting value. Most customers feel time and financial pressure. We can take a share in this burden, by removing the unnecessary layers of costs, without compromising quality.

Which direction the PCW will be heading?

PC Werth has a very long, very successful past. But then the playing field changed. Fortunately, IntriCon have read the way in which the world is shaping and now we have got into a new way of playing. 2017 will be exciting. Market conditions are changing rapidly. The old ways will become irrelevant. The future at PC Werth looks solid once again.

Is there enough room for another player in the hearing aids market?

We don’t intent to lock horns with the already over-crowded middle of the field. Just look at the way the big tied names have become stuck there in unison. There is an ingrained contradiction in the field being at once crowded and non-competitive. There is plenty of room for a fresher, nimbler player. PC Werth are not just in it for the hearing aids. We are also providing for the wider audiology market. The new market needs us.

What makes Kamplex hearing aids special?

Probably, being the world’s most expensive and the most affordable hearing aids at the same time. This is a contradiction that actually works in favour of customers. The ITE open fitting capability and the controls operated by air gestures make the technology second to none. Kamplex hearing aids are quicker to fit, easier to learn how to use them and provide best-in-class value.

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