Exploring the world of Cymru audiology

There is much into saying the grass is always greener on the other side. The proverb might not necessary hold the truth in terms of PC Werth, which so far has focused more on England, but definitely it holds the truth in case of Wales. That is why this year we will be heading to the “land of fellow countrymen”, aka Cymru, to explore the “grass”, say hello to our fellow audiology colleagues and learn about new developments in adult and paediatric audiology in Wales.

The conference takes place this Thursday 11th JUNE 2015 at Glamorgan Conference Centre University of South Wales which already is a reason to be there on its own.

The programme itself looks very promising. We are looking forward to learn on new developments in an adult and paediatric audiology in Wales, prudent healthcare or co-production in audiology, and innovations and research and developments.

As at PC Werth we are launching Kamplex hearing aids, we can’t wait to learn more from Dr Sarah Bent, Senior Clinical Scientist at BCUHB, on how to overcome psychological barriers in using hearing aids as well as dementia regarding hearing loss from Chris Wood PhD, Senior Research and Policy Officer (Action on Hearing Loss). It is especially vital due to the fact that the gross of hearing aids users are elderly people who already suffer from multiple age related syndroms.


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