Electronic SafeShoot (GSP15) noise plugs are the first choice for shooters and hunters where noise levels can change abruptly, and first class protection is needed when single blast of noise raises the decibels levels upto 140dB. This, according to the government guidelines, can cause permanent hearing damage, not to mention minor hearing problems such as hearing impairment or tinnitus.

GSP15 has 2 major advantages over passive shooting plugs systems:

1) Wear your protection all day because noise is only attenuated when you need it. The intelligent circuitry inside GSP15 ensures that you can hear low volume sounds as if you weren’t wearing hearing protection. You can therefore understand shooting instructions, beaters calls, shouts and whistles, whilst also being fully protected.

2) Sound boost amplifies sound, so that you can hear better, but still be protected from loud noise. This is particularly useful in rough shooting and hunting applications.

Electronic SafeShoot system employs top notch components from Etymotic Research, which comes with a long history of expertise in sound quality and noise protection. As a PERFECTfit product, every GSP15 comes with our PERFECTfit promise and is supplied with a practical kit and protective case for shooting and hunting enthusiasts.


• Material: comfortable medical grade silicone earmould


What is Included?

HD15 custom electronic noise protection

Pocket care kit and battery tester


Spare wax filters and changing tool

Cleaning cloth

Otoferm comfort crème

Pocket pouch

Fitting and Cleaning Guide

Crush & water resistant travel/ storage case