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PERFECTfit, the custom lab of PC Werth, announces its latest products – Custom-made Electronic Noise Protection. Electronic Noise Protection has been designed especially for shooting, work and musicians, and comprises of SS100E, NP100E & NP100EM, respectively.

The SS100E, NP100E and NP100EM employ the latest technology from Etymotic Research to provide first-class sound reproduction, as well as noise protection that is CE certified. Aimed squarely at all users from the serious amateur to the professional, the PERFECTfit electronic range is all about providing practical touches and leading value.

At PC Werth we believe that prevention is better than cure not only in terms of health itself, but also budget. That is why Electronic Noise Protection is easily affordable for industrial, recreational and work purposes; everywhere, where levels of noise pollution, both wanted and unwanted, has risen significantly causing serious hearing problems including tinnitus and eventually deafness.

Electronic Noise Protection block unwelcome noise resulting in better music at safer volumes in case of music lovers or lower level of decibels in case of shooters or professionals working in hazardous working environment.

At PC Werth we make a custom moulded earphone sleeves in almost any colour so that they are personalised to reflect your needs.

However, noise protection does not need to be boring. That is why Electronic Noise Protection comes with custom sleeves made at PC Werth labs, in almost any possible colour just to reflect your unique personality.

Karl Langton, who looks after PERFECTfit customers at PC Werth, says: “The lab makes these beauties quickly and they work really nicely. The filter stops wax blockage and sound is really clear. I like the little switch, too that boosts ambient sound. We also include a really tough case to protect them nicely – once they’re back in their box your roadie can fling them around without a problem!”

Electronic Noise Protection is a part of the PERFECTfit range which comprises of Noise Pro, MusicClear, Softnight, ClearComms, WetBobs and Safeshoot.

PERFECTfit electronics are available now to hearing healthcare professionals and are not sold direct to the public. For more information and introductory offers for PERFECTfit partners, contact Klangton@pcwerth.co.uk

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