Easy Lesson Capture with Juno

Juno LogoWith technology advancing as fast as it is it’s a wonder that it hasn’t been more successfully integrated with education over the years. For example, teachers have had to take on board the responsibility of ensuring that students are up to date with class work should they be absent during their classes. Teachers are there to educate our children but to what expense? How many hours have been lost on teachers having to re-teach, re-write and re-mark late school projects due to the nature of “catch up”?

Sound for Schools is proud to be a part of the solution with Juno: technology that allows teachers to record their lessons via Lesson Capture. Lesson Capture, as the name suggests, is the recording of classes on video and audio. With Lesson Capture teachers are now able to easily and conveniently share the information, which they’ve already taught, to students who need to catch up with missed work.

Lesson Capture is revolutionising schooling on many levels, as it focuses on inclusion learning where the aim is to reconnect students who have been absent from school. Often the reasons for a student’s absenteeism is beyond their control, however, the long term consequences become their problem. Lesson Capture allows students to reinforce key points that they’d like to revisit (or experience for the first time) via distance learning.

Because Lesson Capture is a digital teaching tool, each lesson can be uploaded to various websites and accessed from all over the world. Some captured lessons even include electronic white board images depending on how sophisticated your Lesson Capture system is. Recording of the audio has been the trickiest element, which is why Juno created a Soundfield voice amplification system that allows audio to be captured via a portable tower. Juno also allows the teacher to control the capturing via voice commands, therefore, they are able to move around freely yet still control the system.

Not only is Juno available for mainstream teaching; it can also be used for special education, business, primary education, secondary education and higher education. Teaching often evolves into a discussion in the class room but students who are left to catch up miss out on this interactive section. With Juno all the elements of a lesson can be included and thus the student is able to catch up with complete inclusion.

Repetition has always been a large part of learning. With a successful Lesson Capture session, students are able to enjoy the luxury of hearing and seeing their teacher explain difficult concepts over again at their leisure. Juno allows students to repeat classes as well as hear them for the first time if need be. Sound for Schools is proud to offer Juno to those wanting to move their classes into the modern era.

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