At PERFECTfit, we can make custom moulded earphone sleeves for any earbud or in-ear phones. Our sleeves improve response and sound quality for a truer sound. Better still, MusicClear sleeves cut out the majority of external noise so music is clearer, better and safer because it can be enjoyed at lower volumes.The list of compatible earbuds comprises Etymotic Research, Sennheiser, Shure, Bose, Ultimate, Apple, Klipsch, Sound Magic, Audio Fly and is growing. If we don’t have your ‘phones here, just contact us with your make and model number of earphone.


  • Custom moulded fit
  • Fully hygienic and cleanable
  • Clear colour as standard
  • Soft 40-shore bio-compatible Biopore silicone
  • Reduces background noise interference
  • Improves sound clarity