Could Noise Be Affecting Your Child’s Academic Success? Continued…

shutterstock_150905159Continuing from our initial discussion regarding children using ear plugs, the use of ear plugs is becoming more and more popular with adults; whether used by frequent fliers, sportsmen or at work. Ear plugs create a pleasant environment by cutting out distracting and unnecessary noise. But what about our kids? While adults are enjoying the benefits of ear plugs in various work environments such as loud working locations (such as building sites), blocking out noise in order to concentrate while in the office or on airplanes, to keeping water out of the ear drum during swimming or shooting. So why can’t our children benefit from ear plugs as well? They can:

shutterstock_210164911Concentrating in a classroom can be tricky enough when there are dozens of kids in one room. Their friends may also act as a distracting during the lesson. Some kids are sensitive to sudden noises and become startled which may cause them to struggle to concentrate. Children with autism may also benefit from using ear plugs in order to block out sudden or loud sounds that may upset them. Ear plugs can help children feel more settled. It’s important to remember that ear plugs do not necessarily block out 100% of sound, there are various options available.

shutterstock_187844036Extra curricular school activities can also call for the use of ear plugs. Sports such as swimming and shooting can cause aural damage or illness which ear plugs could avoid. Many children and teenagers suffer from ear ache aggravated by swimming. Using ear plugs can keep water out the ear canals keeping children focused on performing well and not aural pain. Simply use a plaster to keep the ear plugs in place (and prevent them falling out) in the child’s ear while they’re swimming. Shooting is popular in many boys schools and ear plugs can help with concentration as well as protecting the ear drum from the loud bang guns often make. Spectators can also benefit from using ear plugs during shooting sports to save being startled.

shutterstock_138932963According to Healthy Children (from the American Academy of Pediatrics) 15 in 1000 children young have some degree in hearing loss. Protect your children’s hearing while you still have a say! And allow them to enjoy great quality hearing by using simple ear plugs in the school environment.

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