Hock Filters: Ear Defenders

shutterstock_117094507Many readers may be asking themselves, “What are Hocks Filters?” Hock filters are specialised custom ear plugs that professional shooters, from all around the globe, use to protect their hearing.

But what specifically do they do and how do they help the sportsman?

Unlike solid plugs, Hocks Filters do not cut sound out entirely but, rather, red
uce the intensity of sound waves. Depending on the strength of the wave, Hock Filters react to changes of air pressure arriving at the filter and that enter the user’s ear. They then convert this sonic energy into thermal energy by compression acceleration. This allows users to still be able to hear, yet sounds of a dangerously high level are reduced to a safe level by the Hock Filters. You can think of Hock Filters as ear defenders!

ChurchillWe contacted E.J.Churchill, the UK’s only shooting business that creates its own guns and owns its own shooting grounds, for a comment on how important it is for their clients to use Hock Filters while shooting.

“Failure to wear ear protection when shooting will cause irreversible damage to your hearing. You are likely to suffer from tinnitus and the many unwelcome symptoms associated with this condition. Frequent exposure to gun shots without the right protection will eventually result in permanent hearing loss.”

Clear-plugs-shootingHocks-small-cut-out-289x300Sportsmen can to ensure their Hocks filters are comfortable and fit well by chosing a customer fit solution. PERFECTFit Hocks Filters embed the hocks filter in a bespoke mould of your ear, made in medical grade silicone and are fully cleanable. This means they are comfortable, seal perfectly in the ear to cut out sound and can be used on a long term basis.

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