Get Your Hands On A Pair Of Dynamic Musicians Hearing Protection!

ERBNDUB is known for his high energy 4 deck, scratch laden DJ sets and earth shattering productions. Check out his website here. ERBNDUB’S DJ sets can last up to 2 hours with sound levels in the clubs reaching 150dB.

Did you know the recommended level that you should be wearing hearing protection is 85dB? ERBNDUB started to notice ringing in his ears, also known as tinnitus, after gigs and wanted to find a way to combat the problem with hearing protection. Which is why he’s got himself his own set of PERFECTfit DM series noise protection.

PC Werth have created the #ERBNDUB100 package, to help raise awareness on the importance of hearing protection and tinnitus, in the lead up to the British Tinnitus Association event in September.

This gives you the opportunity to get your hands on a pair of DM Series noise protection, worth £167 for just £100 with code ERBNDUB100, for a limited time only! This offer ends 30th September 2018.


What is included in the #ERBNDUB100 package?
Which attenuated filters should I use?
How do I get my DM Series Custom Noise Protection?
How long will it take to receive my DM Series Custom Noise Protection?



So what can you do? When you receive your pair of DM series noise protection, upload a photo of where you use them, onto Instagram and share it with the hashtag #ERBNDUB100 to help let others know the importance of protecting your ears.

If you want to find out more about the Dynamic Musicians Series, read our blog Help Prevent Tinnitus: A Musicians Review of PERFECTfit DM20 and check out the DM Series product page.

For information on our custom noise protection warranty and full terms and conditions please visit our warranty page.

*Prices exclude VAT


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