Industrial hearing protection ear plugs

Product Overview

The filters (type H and type M) are perfect for industrial hearing protection. The soft silicone mould is used for your greater comfort. DLO filter H type is for more general, including extra low frequency protection. DLO filter M type spikes at high frequencies to offer extra protection. Silicone moulds offer a better attenuation as they warm up to your body temperature and form a better seal on the ear.

industrial noiseFeatures:

• Custom moulded fit
• Fully hygienic and cleanable
• Clear colour as standard
• Tried and tested impact and noise reduction properties
• 1 year guarantee on filters and manufacturing defects



• Material: comfortable medical grade silicone
• Filter uses very clever technology to block out damaging sound

What is Included?

  • Custom Moulded Industrial Hearing Protection Plugs (Clear)
  • Fitting and Cleaning Guides
  • Handy Carry Pouch
  • Wax Cleaning Pick


  • Lanyard
  • Engraving
  • Choice of various colours
  • Glitter
  • Metal tracer for food industry users