The PowerWave Deskmate is a personal speech amplification system benefiting from being completely portable and wireless, with two full range speakers and fantastic battery life. It’s proven to be ideal for the hearing impaired, where background noise or distance can cause difficulty, as well as for teachers and other public speakers who suffer vocal chord problems, limiting their speech volume.

 “The quality of amplification is superior to anything else we’ve tried and the ability to use them remotely is so beneficial to my patients.”

-Bev Snowden, Lead Speech and Language Therapist


The design of the Deskmate allows it to unfold from very small when stored, to a full 2-speaker desktop PA in use. The tiny clip-on transmitter and headset microphone are so comfortable to wear you forget you’ve got them on, making the PowerWave Deskmate one of the most convenient and unobtrusive speech amplifiers on the market.


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