5 Common Work Places You Would Not Consider Wearing Custom Ear Plugs… But You Should

Custom Ear Plugs: Places You Should Consider Wearing Them

If somebody asks you about hearing protection in a work place, you will immediately cite the obvious examples: warehouses, factories and road works. Is that all? There are still places you may not think of wearing the custom ear plugs, but you should.



  • 1.Schools. After the students have left, a teacher barricading themselves up in a classroom may seem a very plausible idea. However, if one of these days they happen to be on the school playground, custom ear plugs are a welcome relief. Teachers should refrain from the temptation of wearing ear defenders (solid plugs), as they will need to hear when a child is screaming for help. ER9 protection are just enough to have both; a bit of serenity and feeling of well conducted service.
  • 2.Coffee Shops. Coffee shops are serene for customers (most of the time). Alas, not for baristas, who spend long hours around wheezing coffee machines. Of course, ear plugs might come in handy, but that might seem rude to customers. Not to worry. If you go for ER9 protection they lower the decibels levels to a safe threshold yet enable you to hear what is going on around and not miss a single order.
  • 3. Office. Any office may become a main hearing problem culprit if you happen to sit in an open space, next to the jabbering internal sales team or an obsolete printer. One may find solace in the sound of machinery, however, for the less discerning of us, custom ear plugs are recommendable.
  • 4. Bars and pubs. Working in a pub might have its joyful moments, however, day in day out such a job is really detrimental to your hearing. Bar workers and their management should remember that hearing protection is not only for those who are on the stage!
  • 5. Cinemas and Theatres. Whilst these are a favoured pastime, they are also places of extreme sound levels which over periods of time can be extremely damaging to our hearing. Whether a regular visitor or an employee, wearing the correct hearing protection product is vital.

If somebody asks you again about noise levels and hearing protection in a work place think again! The list of places you would consider wearing custom ear plugs might get much longer.

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