Could Noise Be Affecting Your Child’s Academic Success?

Young children can be easily distracted by external agents like noise

Concentration is doubtlessly one of the key factors for academic success. Without proper concentration, the amount of information that can be processed is greatly reduced, thus incrementing the time needed to accomplish any task or understand a subject.

This can be especially important in the case of young children, who are naturally curious and excitable, and can be easily distracted by external agents like background noise. Not only that, but exposure to noise is a well-known cause of fatigue and stress.

Additionally, relatively rare (but becoming more common) medical conditions like hyperacusis, which produces excessive sensitivity to environmental noise and results in ear pain when loud noises are perceived, can further hinder the learning capabilities of children.

In a perfect world, every school classroom would be adequately isolated from external noise, have good internal acoustics and a reduced number of pupils per teacher, making communication faster, clearer and more personal. Reality, however, presents a totally different picture, with full classes and big rooms that have not been acoustically treated or designed, making communication more difficult and less accurate.

concentration is a key factor for academic success

Given the above, when trying to listen to a lecture, take an aptitude test or sit an exam in school, it is imperative that our children can concentrate adequately. For this to happen, all external interferences must be blocked as much as possible, allowing for their full attention to be focused on the lesson or task at hand.

For these reasons, the use of earplugs is becoming more common in schools as a way to enhance concentration, protect children’s health and improve marks and academic results.

Modern techniques allow for custom moulded earplugs that fit the ears perfectly and can dampen loud music and noise while still allowing your child to communicate normally with teachers and classmates.

As part of PC Werth, PERFECTfit Ears have more than 60 years of experience working with specialist ear protection and hearing aids, and are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to ear protection products.  You can be sure that we will have the right product for your kids, whether it is to help them concentrate, protect them from everyday noises or keep their ears safe when in the swimming pool.


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