Complete Earwax Removal Solutions from Earigate

PC Werth are pleased to introduce two fantastic products for cleaning and removing earwax excess safely and efficiently. Whether in a domiciliary environment or clinic, these two Earigate products help you to cleanse and/or remove cerumen excess preventing ear blockage and hearing impairment.

Earigate Ear Cleaning System and Unplugged Ear Wax Removal System were developed by ENT professional in Canada, Dr. John MacRae. Thanks to their unique “reverse spray action” delivery system and “forward spray action” delivery system respectively, these two spray bottles are all you need to perform cerumen cleansing and removal safely. Regular use of Earigate prevents earwax build-up effectively leading to the reduction visits needed for earwax removal procedures.

 reverse spray in action

How does EARIGATE work?

The Earigate device has a soft, rounded tip that is inserted into the ear. A guard prevents the device from going in too deeply.

When the device is inserted into the ear, with the head tilted to one side, the Earigate solution passes along the tube, to the end piece, which results in the flow of solution being directed back out of the ear canal or forward in case of the Unplugged Ear Wax Removal System. The earwax is then forced out. The procedure is then repeated on the other ear.

The nozzle’s patented duct system expels wax by projecting fluid into ear canal without forcing it against the tympanic membrane.


how to use earigate infographic from pc werth

Watch Earigate in Action!

What are the recommend dosages?

Adults and children above 6 years old: 1-2 applications, 2-3 times per week.

Daily use is acceptable for patients with heavy wax build-up.

Where to buy EARgate from?

Visit our webstore to learn more about EARigate Ear Cleaning System and EARigate Unplugged Ear Wax Removal System


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