PrimusAudit Data, the company behind the popular Primus hearing test and fitting verification system, are pleased to announce the release of the latest unique fitting module. Called Comfort Optimizer, this module finally manages to address the issue commonly encountered when fitting hearing impaired people with hearing aids. Namely, the computer and associated fitting software is telling you that everything is fitted and should be performing perfectly but your client is saying that its “!just not quite right” or “sounds a little off”.

This problem can sometimes be associated to the fact that hearing aids are technically prepared and programmed using targets and rules and further fine-tuned according to user feedback. However, this does not always lead to successful hearing aid acceptance. Successful hearing aid acceptance requires user perception of speech sounding comfortable, tolerable and clear. This is what you will get with Comfort Optimizer.

Comfort Optimizer Screenshot

Comfort Optimizer is independent of any hearing aid manufacturer or target rules. It is only dependent on the patient’s hearing loss, sound environment and the hearing aid performance. The development of Comfort Optimizer is based on 3470 combined judgments of loudness, brightness, noise and distortion made by approximately 1000 hearing impaired people. This research enables you to measure what is normally subjective, objectively.

To arrange for a demonstration of this new feature from Primus please email your local regional manager or contact our head office using the details below.

Northern Region – Gary Mulligan – – 07768 274872

Southern Region – Mark Clare – – 07770 312149

Head Office – – 020 8772 2713


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