Why choose acoustic treatments from Sound for Schools?

acoustics from sound for schools

Poor acoustics in any given space are one of the most disruptive and distracting issues we all face. Whether you’re a teacher in a school hall or classroom, sitting in a noisy restaurant, presenting to a large audience or working in a busy call centre, excessive reverberation and echo all lead to poor acoustics. Addressing the reverberation and resulting problems need not be complex or expensive.

Sound for Schools from PC Werth has an extensive range of acoustic solutions to meet all your individual requirements and offer a free – no obligation – acoustic site survey inspection of your premises, taking measurements and detailing where any absorption panels can be installed.

From this survey, we will provide a calculated report detailing your current reverberation times and a recommendation on the level of absorption required to reduce the reverberation level. We will then offer a fully comprehensive end to end project management service to ensure your panels are installed correctly and delivering complete customer satisfaction.

hush board part of good classroom acoustic

HushPanel is an innovative 25mm or 50mm thick acoustic panel that is engineered to provide superior sound absorption with balanced acoustic design.  Typical Application: Theatres, Auditoriums, Schools, Recording / Broadcasting Studios, Gymnasiums, Call Centres and Open Plan Office Space.

HushPanels are flamed retardant, semi rigid, impact resistant and incredibly durable.  The panels are supplied in sheet form that can be cut in and framed on site, catering for variations in wall size and shape. They can also be supplied as custom cut and shaped for increased design flexibility.  This quality product fully answers to the criteria now required for BB93 Noise Level Compliance.

PCWerth can work with your company to manage and install these panels to the highest standard.

For more information ask for quote, contact sales@pcwerth.co.uk or call 020 8772 2700



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