Celebrities Speak Out on Living with Tinnitus

Tinnitus is often described as a permanent ringing or beeping inside the inner ear. Tinnitus, originating from the Latin word tinnitus, means “ringing” and often occurs after noise-induced hearing loss. Although there are many civilians living with tinnitus, the most unexpected people living with this condition are musicians. There are dozens of well known celebrities all across the world living with tinnitus even though they continue to pursue their musical careers.

When Noel Gallager, of the well known UK group Oasis, was asked about rock n roll being the cause of his tinnitus he replied, “It was worth it.” The causes of tinnitus vary but constant exposure to loud music can cause the condition to develop. Lars Ulrich, 46, of Metallica comments on living with tinnitus that, more than likely, caused his hearing ailment, “I’ve been playing loud rock music for the better part of 35 years, I never used to play with any kind of hearing protection.”

7 time Grammy winner Chris Martin (35), of Coldplay fame, also suffers from tinnitus having experienced agonizing headaches and a constant ringing in the his ears. He comments on the condition, “I’ve had tinnitus for about 10 year, but since I started protecting my ear it hasn’t got any worse – touch wood…The band use moulded filter plugs…you can use industrial headphone but they look strange at a party!”

Plan B talks of his experience with tinnitus saying the he could still hear a, “screeching sound” after leaving venues. He adds, “So I had tinnitus for a while…I went and saw a ear specialist and got some ear plugs. It’s all right now and I don’t need them all the time but if you are a DJ or you produce, if you have the music loud you are damaging your ears.”

But it’s not only rock stars who are responsible for causing their own tinnitus. Tinnitus can arise from natural causes as in the case with diva Barbara Streisand. Barbara Walters interviewed Streisand in 1985 about her condition. Streisand has experienced sounds in her ears from the age of 6, which seemed to have developed from natural causes:

Pop star Will.I.Am is another artist living with tinnitus and constantly battles with the side effects. The Feelin’ Myself star says, “I can’t be quiet, as that’s when I notice the ringing in my ears.”

6 million people live in the UK with tinnitus. People have been complaining about tinnitus from Beethoven’s time (who complained of ringing in his ears) and there’s still no cure. It’s important to take care of your hearing while you still can and to prioritise ear protection. Make sure you get a set of PERFECTfit ear plugs and keep your ears ring-free for years to come.

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