Have you ever been to a gig and left feeling like you can hear a ring on the way home? Hearing a ringing sound when there is no music playing is a symptom of tinnitus.

The sound may disappear the next day and you forget that it was ever there. The next time you go to a gig, you hear the ringing again, slowly the ringing becomes more noticeable and it becomes a permanent part of your everyday life.

The sound and intensity of Tinnitus varies from person to person. Individual experiences can vary from mildly annoying, to intrusive, to very distressing – so much so that sleep can become difficult.

Tinnitus is thought to usually be the result of a hearing loss (often noise induced), combined with a neurological response that generates the sensation of sound. It is not uncommon for stress and lack of sleep or other triggers to aggravate tinnitus.  There is no total “cure”, although people can take effective action to manage their condition. With hearing protection, such as the Dynamic Musicans Series, you can protect your hearing and reduce the risk of tinnitus and permanently damaging your hearing.

Want to know more about tinnitus and noise induced hearing loss? Read our blog ‘Are You Damaging Your Hearing?’ or visit the British Tinnitus Association.

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