Our Business Groups

Audiological Instruments

We supply, calibrate and service the UK’s leading range of audiometric instruments for every diagnostic and audiology need.


We provide a fast precision custom earmould production facility for our customers based on computerised photolithography and stock the necessary equipment and materials for a quick turnaround of orders. We have an extensive range of tools and equipment for high-performance earmoulds which include superior quality hard acrylic moulds and hearing aid fitting solutions that combine the best of German technology (Dreve) and manufacturing systems with UK pricing and turnaround. Our team are experts in laser manufacturing or traditional cast moulding techniques and can even provide laser engraving of logos onto moulds.

Audiological Accessories

We supply all manner of impression materials; consumables and equipment for the work room/ laboratory; accessories for audiological instruments; as well as products for resale.

Soundfield Systems

We supply schools and anywhere where people will benefit from our proven voice enhancement technology, ensuring clearer communication and better understanding. Our range of technology and acoustics include bespoke voice amplification solutions and innovative sound-proofing acoustic products to reduce disruptive echo effect. A range of leading-edge soundfield classroom systems as well as FM aids and body-worn systems for hearing-impaired children.