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 The BSHAA Lawrence Werth Diamond Award

Members will know that 2014 was the 60th anniversary of the Society and the year of the death of Lawrence Werth, son of one of the founders of BSHAA.

The Council has agreed that it will make an annual award to mark this diamond anniversary which will be known as the BSHAA Lawrence Werth Diamond Award.

The purpose of the award is to mark:

1. Exceptional achievement that merits special recognition

2. Outstanding contributions to audiology

3. Outstanding services to the hearing impaired

4. Exceptional advocates/ambassadors for the profession/sector/ industry

More than one individual may be honoured in any one year and nominations will be accepted from any BSHAA Member subject to them being submitted on the appropriate form to the Company Secretary and agreed by a majority decision of the Council with President having casting vote.

The award(s) will be presented at the Society’s annual Congress which in 2015 is at the Telford International Arena, on May 15th and 16th.

Nominations must be received by Wednesday April 15th on this form which should be emailed to

Digital Nomination Form Link

Printable Nomination Form Can Be Downloaded From Here


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