PERFECTfit Blockers
 PERFECTfit Blockers
PERFECTfit Blockers offer a far higher degree of hearing protection for extremely noisy settings where communication and environmental awareness is already impaired. They are the perfect protection against wind, road and engine noise, helping to prevent dirt and debris from entering the ear.
No Filter
Up to 30dB
Emerald Green Transparent
Candy Pink Transparent
Sky Blue Transparent
Purple Transparent
Marble Effect 2 colours max) Glitter
Laser Etching (10 characters max)
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Blockers are full shell solid earplugs that offer a higher degree of hearing protection whilst being a comfortable and dependable solution for noise protection.  They have no vent in their construction which means that air or external noise is unable to pass directly through the earplug, making them perfect for use in extremely noisy settings where communication and awareness is already impaired.  It is important to bear in mind that the full shell solid design of the earplug could potentially reduce your ability to hear most levels of sound including voice and warning signals.
Motorcyclists, industrial use, landscaping, tree surgeon

    • 1 Pair of Custom Moulded Blocker Ear Plugs
    • Carry Pouch
    • Care Leaflet
    • Ear Comfort Cream
    • Wax Pick
Protect against dirt
The full shell design of Blockers helps to prevent dirt and debris from entering the ear in most industrial environments.
Medical Grade Silicone
Medically approved, helps to prevent skin irritation when in use.
Easy to Clean
It is important to keep your ear moulds clean to help prevent  any damage.
High Quality Finish
With a wide range of finish options combined with excellent craftmanship we can offer some of the highest quality finished ear moulds in the industry.
Occlusion Effect
The deep and custom fit of the ER ear mould is designed to help reduce the distortion of your own voice.