Better Beats by Dr Dre

Actually this post should say something cheesy like “Cool beats from Dr Dre” (see below). But let’s go with V1.0:

How do you improve on your Beats earphones?

Owen's Beats earphones

OK – so Beats by Dr Dre are THE earphones of the moment and you see them everywhere from the Tube to joggers etc. (Come to think of it, watch that volume level, you Tube riders). Our IT guru popped in the other day and shared his observations:
  • “It’s COLD today – can you guess why I am not liking my Beats?” It turns out that the aluminium driver chamber sits pretty snugly in the ear, which means that when it gets cold….so do your ears! Probably worth considering for joggers (and chemistry teachers will love this – aluminium is second only to copper for heat conduction, I seem to remember).
  • “These Christmas trees on the end feel like they are touching my brain” – ok so they do look a tad long and are clearly modeled on the original design by Etymotic Research – except somewhat longer, by the looks of things.
  • “I’m on my third set – the others have been replaced under guarantee” – OK, no comment, but that’s obviously good customer service.
Toms MusicClear earphone sleeves
My lovely custom made MusicClear ear moulds on ER EtyKid EK3s (they are not just for kids!)
So while the acoustically minded may have many other comments about Beats (particularly in comparison to Etymotic Research earphones – check out the longstanding HF-3 review in What Hi-Fi), there is a way of improving all earphones – not just Beats. Check out our MusicClear earphone sleeves: we won’t touch your brain and can adjust the mould to protect your ears from the cold! 
And until 7th April, we are supporting Comic Relief with Red Noise Day – your set of sleeves will also get you custom made earplugs free of charge. It should also be said that we distribute Etymotic Research products in the UK – you can buy them (and the crucial MusicClear custom moulds mentioned in the review) from any PERFECTfit partner.


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