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It’s BETT again! The annual BETT (British Educational Training and Technology)  is taking place at ExCeL London between 20 and 23rd January. As per tradition PC Werth will be attending the event for the 9th year in a row.

BETT is one the world’s leading learning technology shops and has been bringing innovation and inspiration to the education sector for over 30 years. With over 35,000 visitors expected this year, this is the must-go-to event of the year if you’re an education practitioner.

For the last couple of years PC Werth has been showing listening and hearing solutions which enhance pupils’ listening skills, attention and overall classroom performance. Moreover, the solutions are not only beneficial for children, but also for teachers who often struggle with vocal fatigue due to classroom and school acoustics. You can learn more on the minimum standards for sound and acoustic regulation at school from our blog on Acoustic Regulations on Sound in Education.

PC Werth Intricon at BETT

If you are looking for BETTer listening and hearing conditions you cannot miss stand C69. Our team will explain how Juno reduces voice strain, boosts students’ hearing and listening skills leading ultimately to better classroom performance. Worth noting: JUNO also acts as a multimedia sound system and supports SEN pupils.

At Stand C69 you will also learn about other listening solutions for schools such as Premium PA Systems, Power Wave 40 and Comfort Audio. As seeing is believing, you will be able to see a visual indication of the noise level on Sound Ear monitoring system.

For more information on JUNO and Hall PA & Performance System see our blog about the award winning classroom AV system.

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Acoustic Treatments for Sound Absorption with Acoustic Design

And if you find the buzz of BETT too tiresome, visit our Acoustic Retreat where you will be sheltered from the noise and distraction. Our acoustic panels reduce noise intensities to the levels your staff and pupils will appreciate so improving the learning experience. These cost-effective acoustic treatments come in different sizes, colours, patterns and shapes and can also act as a pin board. Our experts can advise you on bespoke and low-maintenance solutions tailored for your budget; sometimes one panel makes all the difference! If you need more reasons for choosing acoustic panels read on Why choose acoustic treatments from Sound for Schools.

acoustic panels in PA hall

EAR Foundation at PC Werth Stand

Take the opportunity to talk with leading professionals from the Ear Foundation – one of the UK’s leading charities (link). Suffice to say, the Foundation holds a unique position in the UK. Founded in 1989 after bringing cochlear implants to children, it has become the services link that bridges the gap between the hospital clinics and the local community. Therefore the EAR Foundations is a perfect match for PC Werth which next year will be celebrating its 70th anniversary.

PC Werth will be joined by Diana Harbor, a dual qualified speech therapist and audiologist from education team and Sue Archbold, chief executive of the Ear Foundation. “It’s a privilege to have observed the dramatic changes in opportunities offered by today’s hearing technologies” says Sue Archbold. Diana, an education tutor at the Ear Foundation, is very pleased to be able to join PC Werth for this exciting conference and is looking forward to engaging with people around the work that the Ear Foundation does.

Also you will be able to talk to Zheng Yen Ng, research coordinator at The Ear Foundation who coordinates the SoundSpace website assisting those affected by hearing loss. “We are delighted and grateful for the opportunity to be able to join PC Werth at the BETT conference, and would like to invite anyone interested to come have a chat with us” says Zheng.

The Ear Foundation Logo

BETT starts on Wednesday (20th January) and for the 4 consecutive days you can learn about the latest classroom technologies and sound field systems which boost hearing and listening skills whenever used in mainstream or SEN education.

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