These guys from HEAR in America were definitely having the most fun at AAA’s Audiology Now, proving that old vuvuzelas can be put to good use after a lifetime of damaging hearing….

Ear Trumpets at Audiology Now!

Traditional-style ear trumpets like this produce around 5dB of gain, don’t need batteries, are cheap, waterproof and are hard to lose down the back of the sofa (particularly so when presented in banana yellow).

Looked at this way, it explains why we still get the odd request for trumpets at PC Werth. Mainly from hard-pressed staff in hospital wards, you can see the potential frustrations: background noise in wards means hearing can be tricky between elderly patients and clinical staff . So a trumpet like this may appear a low-tech solution, but it is at least preferable for all than a rolled up newspaper cone alternative.

If you want to talk trumpets or other practical communication solutions, is the right email address.


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