Benefits of Soundfield Systems in Your Classroom

Considering Soundfield Benefits and Why a Poor Sound Environment Affects Learning

We know that children who have good listening experiences tend to become better learners. Conversely, those who have difficulty hearing and understanding often engage in disruptive behaviour or become apathetic. We also know that part of the challenge for teachers is biological – a child’s auditory processes doesn’t develop fully until their teens. What’s more, common childhood problems such as temporary ear and throat infections can affect a child’s hearing and concentration. Because a teacher’s words are often new and unfamiliar, children can’t easily rely on context when they miss a word. In order to fully comprehend what a teacher says, a child needs much greater speech clarity than adults do.

So it should come as no surprise that PC Werth Soundfield benefits everyone because of it’s ability to dramatically improve the clarity of a teacher’s voice, even in the noisiest classrooms, should make an incredible difference to children’s comprehension.

There are many more benefits, for a wider range of people, than you may think.


The Soundfield Benefits for Teachers:

Discover the freedom of not having to raise your voice to be heard! With Soundfield, teachers say goodbye to vocal strain and back-to-school sore throats. You’ll also find your pupils easier to manage – because they can’t ignore your voice any more


The Soundfield Benefits for Students:

PC Werth Soundfield has proved itself crucial in bringing hearing impaired children into the mainstream of school activity. But many other groups of pupils can benefit too – the heightened clarity of vocal instruction delivered by Soundfield improves interaction in situations where noise, disability, language and motivation act as barriers to learning.


The Soundfield Benefits for Headteachers:

A PC Werth Soundfield system provides teaching staff with a powerful teaching and learning tool, that immediately starts to repay its investment in calmer classrooms, less stressed teachers and improved academic results. By reducing teacher vocal stress levels Soundfield systems can reduce claims by staff for industrial injury and the requirement for expensive supply teachers. By lowering the stress levels all round you’ll find that everything works more smoothly and everyone gets their jobs done more efficiently.


– The Cost Effective Solution

92% of teachers noted less emotional and voice stress – with 60% fewer sick-days caused by voice and throat problems.

PC Werth Soundfield systems pay for themselves very quickly. Consider the cost implications of having teaching staff off sick, or even leaving, because of voice-strain. Health professionals and teaching unions warn that “Voice strain is a serious problem for teachers .. and can develop into a serious occupational health condition..” PC Werth Soundfield systems can dramatically reduce those potential costs.

For just 1p per day per pupil for the life of the system a PC Werth Soundfield system helps the whole class, students and teachers, all of the time!*
(*Based on an average system price, a class size of 30 and an expected system life of 8 years)


– Raising Academic Performances

Pupils have been shown to be twice as likely to make higher-level gains in literacy.

Throughout the school day children are asked to listen. The quality of what they hear directly affects their learning. If a teacher’s voice is indistinct much information is lost, with the inevitable effect on academic performance

After using a PC Werth Soundfield system 96% of teachers noted improvements in student attention, listening and comprehension.


Soundfield benefits classroom management

– Improving Classroom Managament

 A good acoustic environment actually makes a classroom easier to manage! Noise produces a tense, stressful and exhausting atmosphere that impacts behaviour and attention. PC Werth Soundfield overcomes noise to produce a calmer, more effective learning environment.

Teachers may differ in their approaches to classroom ‘management’, but no one doubts that clear vocal instructions and information are the key to setting the right tone within a class of young learners. If you need to shout to be heard, or if you are constantly repeating instructions to pupils on the periphery of the class, or if you cannot hear pupil’s responses clearly – you are on the way to losing control and wasting much of your effort. And it’s not just teachers who appreciate clear communication – pupils want to learn and to achieve – if they have to fight against a noisy background they soon take an interest in subjects unrelated to education – like daydreaming, chatting or misbehaving.

PC Werth Soundfield cuts through noise and general hubbub to deliver what the teacher says directly to all ears in the class. In almost every study of Soundfield in active school situations teachers and children report that they find the atmosphere calmer, more conducive to learning. It follows from this that teachers can then spend less time striving for control and more time teaching. A PC Werth Soundfield system pays enormous dividends throughout the school day, in all curriculum subjects, year after year. Teachers using the system know that they can deliver their prepared material from the first minute of the lesson and be sure that all their pupils can hear, comprehend and learn at the optimum level.

– Tackling Voice Strain

A teacher’s voice is their main communication tool – used on average over 5 hours a day! It’s a delicate instrument needing protection.

Noise from chatting classmates, projectors, PCs, rattling furniture, other classes and traffic are common contributors to a subtly destructive background level. Reverberation from hard classroom surfaces adds distortion to the problem. Many teachers try to compensate by raising their voices. Unfortunately this does little to improve the situation. Hoarseness, serious voice strain, frustration, stress and loss of control are some of the results of trying to fight classroom noise without help.

*Teachers Magazine 24 January 2003

Because PC Werth Soundfield lets you speak in a normal conversational tone, reaching all parts of the classroom, you’ll experience less voice trouble and lower overall fatigue at the end of the day.

In a typical classroom vocal signal levels decline dramatically over relatively short distances, masked by background noise. Dead zones will leave some students out of the centre of attention. But after PC Werth Soundfield is installed, voice levels are maintained throughout the classroom area. Nobody is left out and comprehension levels increase, whilst overall classroom control improves.

PC Werth Soundfield offers the easiest, most cost-effective voice protection you can buy.


– Improved Inclusion Benefits All Students

Recent evidence shows that all pupils, not just the officially designated ‘hearing-impaired’, require a clear vocal signal from the teacher to compensate for noise, immature hearing development and temporary ear health problems.

The research has shown that noisy chaotic environments force children to isolate themselves from verbal information – meaning missed information and instructions. A PC Werth Soundfield system helps to impose a calmer, more ordered atmosphere that automatically improves listening and comprehension levels – with noise levels actually reducing.

Pupils with softer voices especially benefit from a Soundfield system. Where a pass-round handheld microphone is used, quiet or shy students were reported to speak more confidently, as they were not constantly being asked to repeat themselves or “speak up”.

Special Needs students find that Soundfield improves many aspects of access and inclusion. In studies their communication was improved, resulting in improved learning and increased participation in classroom activities. Pupils with hearing aids can also be directly connected to our systems, improving classroom inclusion and reducing any perceived stigma, since all student benefit from the same technology.



Sound for Schools offer PC Werth Soundfield systems that are the voice equivalent of ‘lights’ – an essential part of modern teaching practice. We’re so convinced of this that we’ll happily come along and show you the benefits – in your own classrooms.



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